Electric Panels: Having electric panels installed, updated and repaired ensures that your home and office properties are safe and have an electric backup for times of emergency. Too many electric appliances and circuits increases the demand on your electric panel. This can increase the chances of tripping, power failure, and sometimes fire hazards.

Our team at Electricians on the Go is trained at effective installation, repair and maintenance of electric panels to help you improve the quality of your life.  We also provide extensive repair and maintenance for old panels that are on the verge of a break down.

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Lighting and Air Conditioning
Is your place too hot to live or work at? Electricians on the Go offer fan and air conditioner installations for those who like their properties breezy and cool.
Our expert technicians are trained to carefully install a wide range of air conditioners and fans including ceiling fans, exhaust fans, whole house fans and many more. We also provide full service repair for cooling equipment which enhances the life of your air conditioners and fans and helps them work more efficiently without wasting excessive electricity.
Indoor & Outdoor Lightning
Do you prefer your surroundings bright and recessed but are stuck in a dark gloomy ambiance? Electricians on the Go are here to serve all your lighting needs. We offer outdoor and indoor light installation, repair and replacements for clients who value perfection.
Our technicians are trained to carefully enlighten your home and work surroundings and provide you with a fancy ambiance to live and work at. We deal in all kinds of lighting including recessed, LED, rope, low voltage, chandeliers, landscape, fluorescents and many more.
Security Camera
Secure your home and office property with the help of our security camera installation and repair services. Electricians on the Go prioritizes the safety of our clients and strive to ensure that clients feel confident about their home security while sleeping at night.
Our team has the expertise to install security cameras in places where they are required. We deal in all kinds of security camera installations including indoor, outdoor, dome, box, IP, bullet, day/nighttime and thermal cameras.
GFCI & AFCI outlets
Having GFCI and AFCI outlets installed at your place gives you the peace of mind that your home and business is safe from electrical damage and emergencies. Electricians on the Go offers GFCI and AFCI outlet installations to help prevent fire and electric damage in your homes and offices.
We can install these at any corner in your home including your bathroom, kitchen, garage, laundry, swimming pools and other areas where accessibility is difficult. We follow the current safety guidelines and conduct full inspection of your electric system beforehand to maximize your safety.
Hazard Prevention
Do you go to sleep worrying whether your home or business is safe from emergency situations? If yes then worry no more. Electricians on the Go offers a full spectrum of emergency services to prevent unwanted hazards from occurring at your property.
We have the experience, expertise, equipment and knowledge to ensure that all your electric needs are handled before they get out of hand. We install smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire detectors, security camera and other safety appliances that are meant to enhance your safety and improve your life quality.
Emergency Services
Electricians on the Go offers services that are available 24/7 to help you secure your properties and sleep peacefully knowing your safety is in the hands of reliable professionals. Our team of electrical emergency contractors can handle everything from wire repairs and electricity outrages to emergency troubleshooting.
Quit risking your home and business’s safety and ignoring prevailing problems that get worse with time. Hesitate no more and contact us now to deal with any kind of electricity troubles that you might be facing.